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Be a solutions provider not just an ingredients supplier

Posted by Editor on January 6, 2012

Recommending that librarians should provide different levels of service to community members is right up there with advocating for the end of reference desks or a future dominated by bookless libraries. It can be volatile subject matter for discussion. The library is a commons that is owned by each community member, and each of those members is equally eligible to receive all the benefits and services and access all the resources to which he or she is entitled. In an age of heightened customer expectations, does the “everyone is equal” approach still work or should librarians be more customer centric.

What does it mean to be customer centric? That is the subject of a new book by Peter Fader, a professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In this new book titled Customer Centricity, Fader promotes the idea that successful organizations will wisely segment their customers, and create special services for the most valued customers – services that might be unavailable to other customers. Being customer centric means more than just giving community members everything they want. As he explains in an interview:

Too many people think that being customer centric means doing everything that your customers want, and that’s not the case. Being friendly and offering good service are a part of customer centricity, but they are not the whole thing. Customer centricity means that you’re going to be friendly, provide good service and develop new products and services for the special focal customers — the ones who provide a lot of value for you — but not necessarily for the other ones. You need to pick and choose. Some customers deserve the special treatment, and if others want to buy from you, that’s great, but they are not going to be treated the same.

While the goal of customer centricity may be unthinkable to some librarians, when we honestly assess how we treat community members, we already make distinctions between them and offer special treatment to some and not others. In academic libraries we certainly treat faculty members differently than students. We may offer faculty a book delivery service while everyone else has to come to the library. A faculty member’s research question is typically prioritized. Not fair perhaps, but it’s critical to build a good relationship with the faculty. It’s part of what we do to keep them satisfied; our funding might depend on it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Phoenix Friends of SIRLS Visit to Arizona Archives-Draft Learning Objectives

Posted by Editor on September 28, 2009

Date/Time:  TBD (October, 2009)

Draft Learning Objectives

  1. Describe today’s need for archives
  2. Describe the functions, goals and holdings of the State Archives
  3. Describe trends influencing those goals and roles
  4. Anticipate the future of archival formats and possible methods for achieving goals

Please let me know if these objectives appeal to you.  I am aiming for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in October, between 1 and 5pm.  Thanks.

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Small (but excellent) gathering at Maizie’s yesterday

Posted by Editor on May 29, 2009

Betty, Kathi and I met and enjoyed Maizie’s happy hour last night till just after 7 pm; hope we didn’t miss anyone. We discussed several ideas for upcoming gatherings, including re-contacting library people who had expressed interest in meeting with our group; the idea of meeting on Saturday; how school is going, and more.  I will contact some Tucson-based SIRLS faculty to entice them to visit Phoenix.  Good news:  Leslie Kent Kunkle will be in town this coming Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 and we will discuss future plans for Leslie to meet with us here, as well as her new task of recruiting SIRLS students.  If you have issues you’d like me to bring up to Leslie, let me know!

Other topics for the future include:  overview of specialized databases and/or web resources, member presentations about their current (and past) work lives, emerging info science trends, and more. I will be happy to present “finding quality health information” on the web, if you all are interested! We will aim for the next gathering to be the 2d or 3rd week of June, at 5:30 pm.  I still plan to attend the Michael Connolly chat at the Poisoned Pen on Thursday, June 4 at 7 pm.

Happy Weekend, all!

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Your thoughts needed!

Posted by Editor on November 7, 2008

In that our November 18 meeting will be the last event of the year, I have several questions of you!

sololibrnworkshop1#1–does this (<-) program about solo librarianship interest you? Shall we organize such a program here?

#2–Shall we create an LSO like the one in Tucson?

#3–see the list of topics mentioned on October 27 (here) and tell me your priorities, or add new ones!

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