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AzLA scholarship opportunity

Posted by Editor on June 21, 2011

The Arizona Library Association (AzLA) is awarding five scholarships for free conference registrations to the 2011 Arizona Library Association’s Annual Conference to be held at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson on November 28-30, 2011. You must be a member of AzLA to be considered for a scholarship. Applications are now being accepted until September 1, 2011. The application process is easy; just write in 300 words or less how you will benefit from attending the conference. Send your composition in the body of an email to Bonny Bruce, a member of the AzLA Membership Committee. In the subject line, use: AzLA 2011 Conference Scholarship Application. Bonny’s email address is:  Other information to include in the application is at:

The Membership Committee will review all applications and select the winners by September 16, 2011.

Marly Helm, 2011 AzLA Membership Committee Chair


Marly Helm,  MA/LS, MPA

Associate Librarian

Arizona State Museum  University of Arizona

1013 E University Blvd  POB 210026

Tucson, AZ  85721-0026

520-626-3647 (wk)   520-621-2976 (fx)



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