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Schiphol opens world’s first airport library

Posted by Editor on November 15, 2010

by Annie Scott (RSS feed) on Sep 14th 2010 at 3:00PM

Going to Amsterdam any time soon??
Your layover just got nerdy. Schiphol has a new bibliotheek! From the press release:
“Airport Library is aimed at passengers on intercontinental flights who often have long waiting times for their (connecting) flight. The library offers these travellers an exciting and inspiring way to spend their waiting time.”
This fantastic addition to this already fairly tricked-out airport, made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Education, has been in the works since 2006. At the world’s first permanent airport library, you’ll be able to browse Dutch music, read Dutch books (translated into 29 languages), page through fabulous collections of Dutch art and design and play around on nine in-house iPads. The library is just under 300 square feet and is open 24/7.No, you can’t borrow anything. Can you just imagine the Dutch librarians chasing you down across the world? As if.Doesn’t this make you want to connect through Amsterdam on your next European excursion? What a brilliant idea.

  • Airport Library
  • Airport Library
  • Airport Library
  • Airport Library
  • Airport Library

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