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Q: I would like to know what other jobs and industries I could use my Library (Support Staff) Diploma in, besides libraries. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Posted by Editor on September 9, 2010

Goes for MLS Grads, too!

Published by tiffany at 3:02 pm under career change, job seeking

Q: I would like to know what other jobs and industries I could use my Library Support Staff Diploma in, besides libraries.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

A: I guess a lot would depend on where and when you received your diploma, and the coursework you took toward the degree.  In looking at the ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification program online ( there seems to be several areas of study that could transfer to other jobs and industries.  In a January 2010 press release, ALA introduced the program: “This new certification program will help library support staff achieve recognition for current and new skills and abilities, as well as increase access to continuing education opportunities.” (  The certification requires three courses of study (Foundations of Library Service; Communication and Teamwork; and Technology), plus three electives (ranging from Access Services to Youth Services).

Additionally, in an appeal to Library Administrators to support the certification program, ALA-APA’s webpage states that:

“Research shows that LSS certified in a rigorous certification program:

  • have more self confidence in their own ability
  • believe they provide better service to the public
  • better understand how the entire library operates
  • are more willing to accept responsibility
  • work better on the library team”  (

If you take all of this information and try to apply it to another job or field of employment, there are several areas that I believe would transfer well.  First, two of the required courses are relevant to just about any workplace today: Teamwork and Communication, and Technology.  Second, if the research is supported, a confident employee who works better on teams and is willing to accept more responsibility is appealing to any employer.  I would recommend that you explore new areas that include service, technology and teamwork.  Look for positions that are exciting and of interest to you, and think broadly about how your skills, experience, and credentials would apply.


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