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The Best Advice On Finding A Librarian Job (from around the Web) posted on LIS News

Posted by Editor on August 17, 2010

August 10, 2010 – 9:17am — Blake in LIS News

on reading cover letters and resumes from Laura Crossett. She lists 6+ great ideas she’s come up with after reading 40+ applications for a single position. She also adds “make one additional plug for social networking in general and for the Library Society of the World in particular. There are several LSW FriendFeed room denizens who are starting library school and/or new jobs, and I know they’ve gotten a lot of help from the people who hang out there. We’d be more than happy to help you, too.” Laura also hit Cover Letters last year.

Over at Swiss Army Librarian Brian Herzog has Notes on Reading Resumes. He lists 15 ideas from reading over 50 resumes for a single position.

On Information Wants To Be Free Meredith Farkas has some DO’s and DONT’s listed on Tips for library job applicants in a tight market

The gang over at In The Library With The Lead Pipe has a great collection of DONT’S: What Not to Do When Applying for Library Jobs. “This group post is our way of pulling together our collective experiences as both interviewees and interviewers and offering up some practical advice to our readers. ”

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