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Newbie Dispatches Episode One: Publishing For New Graduates

Posted by Editor on April 13, 2010

The Newbie Dispatches are a series of podcasts recorded exclusively by the Residency Interest Group on a variety of topics of interest to current and former library residents, current library science students, new graduates, and early career librarians.  Episode One regards the publication of a manuscript by a recent graduate, Megan Perez.

Megan is the current Librarian-In-Residence at the University of Arkansas.  He is also the co-editor and contributing author of a forthcoming book on library residencies scheduled for release in January of 2011 by Libraries Unlimited.

Please join us for our very first podcast as we discus the contents of the book, tips for writing a manuscript prospectus, and strategies for getting into the world of academic publishing.

Newbie Dispatches Episode 1

Download Right-click and save as to download the MP3 file.

Music: Strange Italian Song (Remixed) by Juanitos / CC BY 2.0

Be sure to check back regularly for future casts on conference updates, research in progress, and professional development workshops.  Suggestions are accepted and welcome.  Feel free to use the comment page to send us your request for a topic you’d like to see covered.

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One Response to “Newbie Dispatches Episode One: Publishing For New Graduates”

  1. megan said

    well hi there. thanks for the pingback. i hope you found the ‘cast useful. please note that we are accepting requests for new ‘cast topics. just send us an email via our contact form if you have a topic you’d like to see discussed.

    also, the next ‘cast is already in the works: publishing a journal article. stay tuned.

    thanks, again.

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