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7 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT… Next-Generation Presentation Tools–From EDUCAUSE

Posted by Editor on February 4, 2010


Alexia is working toward a bachelor’s degree in security management, and several of her courses require students to make team presentations. She has been closely watching her classmates’ presentations, determined to find ways to capture her peers’ attention and stand out from the group. She pays particular attention to the presentations by fellow members of her project team because she will soon be joining them in making their first joint presentation. In previous experiences, she has seen considerable time lost exchanging and managing different versions of files, often across applications and operating systems. As a result, she begins investigating online presentation tools, hoping to find an application that supports collaboration, is accessible by all team members, and is free to use….

…Alexia’s part of the presentation comes last, and she solicits questions from the class. As she and her team members respond, she moves around the presentation canvas to highlight various resources as they are needed for explanation. At one point she fields an advanced question and is able to go to original work to find the answer. The tool allowed the team to develop the presentation smoothly and efficiently, and the nonsequential nature of the tool—and the fact that the audience can follow on their own computers—results in a richer experience by allowing the discussion to guide the presentation in unplanned directions.

Read entire document HERE.


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