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Finding and Using WiFi While Traveling-Suggestions and Cautions

Posted by Editor on November 17, 2009

Happy holidays!  If you are going to be traveling, here are some ways to connect to the Internet while on the road or in the air:


Phoenix and Tucson Int’l Airports have free WiFi for your laptop; no registration or credit card required.

Google is providing free WiFi at 50 airports: Most airports have some free wifi.

Cities – coffee shops and public libraries


Free wifi tends to have poor security – traffic can be scanned and the logs can be read by employees.  To keep your passwords and other personal data safe, install the UA VPN and _use it_ with free wifi spots:

Rogue spots: especially a problem in airports.  Naughty people set up fake wifi spots and request personal data – such as credit card numbers – to let you login.  Find out the offical airport wifi system name and select it, instead of taking a random choice of wifi networks.

Mari Stoddard, MLIS – Arizona Health Sciences Library  – 520/626-2925, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona


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