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From LJ’s Annoyed Librarian–Shiny Toys and Glossy Gimmicks

Posted by Editor on November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

It was pretty obvious by the response to my last post that there are at least two sorts of librarians – those who value trite, vulgar, attention-seeking gimmicks that supposedly benefit the profession, and those who don’t.

I really shouldn’t be so hard on those librarians who value the trite and vulgar. They really can’t help themselves. They live in a world awash with vulgarity and self-obsession, and they don’t have the proper moral compass to steer clear of them. Execrable rock videos, balloon boys, they’re both part of the bizarre society we have developed in which the only value that matters is to get noticed, not to have anything worthwhile to say.

One has to hand it to some librarians: they definitely know how to get noticed. They dress up trite gimmicks with glossy trappings and wave them in front of audiences of librarians, most of whom are good-hearted and desire to promote their profession – traits which blind them to the lack of substance behind these attention-seeking gimmicks. These librarians are “jazzed” about being librarians, one commenter noted, as if that’s at all important. Being “jazzed” is for some librarians apparently enough to excuse vulgarity and superficiality….Read entire post here:


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