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From Re:Generations-reaching new academic librarians to re-energize the academic librarian profession

Posted by Editor on October 14, 2009

by Nicole Eva

It’s been just over a year since I became a newly-minted librarian, eager to start my first ‘real’ job in my new profession. I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on the things I have learned over the past year and where I’ve learned them from, so that I may point some of you to these sources of information and help continue the time-honoured tradition of librarians helping librarians.

It can be very intimidating to ask your new colleagues for help; after all, you don’t want them thinking you don’t know anything, do you? I found it especially hard to ask for help as time went on, say six months to a year after I’d started. I felt like at that point, I should have already figured all this stuff out! But I don’t think anyone expects you to know everything already; and even senior colleagues ask each other things that they know their co-workers are more knowledgeable about than they are. Obviously, you will soon figure out who is most helpful and approachable, and who knows the most about certain areas….read entire post here:


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