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From LIS Jobs: Top 5 Tips for Job Hunting in Tough Times

Posted by Editor on September 21, 2009

by tiffany

In case you haven’t heard (or experienced first hand) we’re in a tough economic period and that has people looking for jobs, or rethinking the one they have.  We’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking for very specific help on finding jobs.  Unfortunately, we can’t answer each and every individual email, but we can offer some general advice and guidance.  We are also hoping that our readers will join the conversation and offer their advice.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll meet someone, who knows someone, who knows someone with a job…

1.  The best way to get a job is to have (or have had) a job…

2.  Seek and ye shall find (but it also helps to know the best places to look)…

3.  Keep your tools sharp and ready to go…

4.  Practice, Practice, Practice…

5.  Use your (social) network…

Read the ALL the excellent details of the “…’s” here:


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