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Arizona Legislative Internship Available! Deadline is Sept 25

Posted by Editor on September 3, 2009

azlegApply online for an internship with the Arizona Legislature!!

Legislative Internship (pdf)

FAQ / Important Dates / Intern Flyer (pdf)

The Arizona Legislature meets for approximately one hundred days beginning the second Monday in January. The Legislature deliberates bills on many issues, such as health care, education, transportation, the environment and social services.

Click here for an overview of the process.

Job Description

Purpose of Internship: To assist the legislators and their support staff at the Senate and House of Representatives during the regular session of the Arizona State Legislature from January through May. Interns may also be selected to work in the Governor’s Office or with the Supreme Court.

Eligibility: Candidates for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher at one of Arizona’s universities are eligible. Candidates for a Bachelor’s degree must have at least 75 hours at the end of the fall semester prior to the next legislative session.

Description of Position: Duties include conducting research, writing summaries of bills, attending committee hearings, presenting bills in committees and caucus, preparing amendments and communicating with legislators, liaisons of state agencies, lobbyists, constituents and members of the general public. Interns are supervised by a legislative staff person. Specific duties vary, depending on intern assignments.  Receive a tuition waiver, $4,200 stipend and college credit, and gain useful professional experience!

Qualifications: The position requires communication and writing skills, the ability to work in a team setting, and self-starting independence. Most importantly, this internship demands a strong desire to learn the legislative process through hands-on experience. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to be a political science major?

No! Students from all majors and disciplines are encouraged to apply. Legislative Staff trains and supervises interns at all times.

2. How many interns are hired?

There are approximately 50 interns who serve in the House and Senate.

3. How long does the internship last and do I get paid?

The internship lasts for 18 weeks during the spring semester, beginning the first week of January. Interns receive a $4,200 stipend, plus a tuition waiver. Students may be eligible for reimbursement of moving expenses up to $500.

4. Are there job opportunities?

Yes! Many interns have succeeded in obtaining positions at various State agencies, with lobbying groups, law firms and the private sector. Several former interns are currently on permanent staff with the House of Representatives and the Senate and some have gone to various federal agencies in Washington, D.C.


One Response to “Arizona Legislative Internship Available! Deadline is Sept 25”

  1. Kathi Knox said

    Thanks for posting this Jacque. The applications for the upcoming internship are due no later than Sep 25 at the U of A offices. Cherie McCollum is very helpful – her number is 520-621-1112.

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