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Great August 27 Gathering with Tom Wilding

Posted by Editor on September 2, 2009

TWSmallA small and intense group of 12 enjoyed a most pleasant couple of hours with each other*, and with Tom who patiently and thoroughly answered a wide variety of questions and gave us his sense of SIRLS (upbeat and optimistic), librarianship as a career (very positive), and a bit about his personal methods of teaching and advising (again,  positive and encouraging).  He is meeting via phone regularly with Brian,  who begins October 1. Tom suggested; that we do not ever give up, that we persist, that we consider alternative jobs while staying focused on our real goal, that we network, network, network, we take continuing education classes often, that we use every opportunity to stay current, join associations, and stay in touch with colleagues and friends.  Tom urged students and grads to contact him directly with questions and “issues”. We could have kept him longer with more questions and discussions but wanted him home at a reasonable hour!  Many thanks to several folks who brought and shared treats!  He promised to bring Brian, our new dean with to us within the next few months.

I will plan our next meeting as a sharing session to include what works and doesn’t in this job-hunt phase, how to use Web 2.o tools as an integral part of that process, resume and cover letter critique and whatever most interests you.

Let me (Jacque) know your preference for dates, please!   Survey HERE.

  • Thursdays, Sept 10, 17 and 24 or
  • Tuesdays, Sept 15, 22 or 29

*Attendees:  Kathi K, Jean B, Candace L, Kelly B, Jarrod G, Noah R, Sarah S, Tim P, Judy S, and Betty M.DSC_0018


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