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June 25 Meeting with Leslie

Posted by Editor on June 28, 2009

DSC_0085About 25 friends, grads and alums enjoyed hearing from and sharing with Leslie Thursday eve at the College of Medicine-Phoenix.  Leslie boosted the spirits of those in attendance, providing many hints for career next steps, including:

  • Always carry a business card; you never know who you will meet!  Some sources for inexpensive and free cards: and
  • Be prepared to quickly answer that question, “what are you doing?” with a positive response.
  • Keep your resume current and appealing, including internships, volunteer and other work.  Modify your resume for each position you seek.
  • Maintain your e-portfolio on SIRLS, or create one of your own, showing your updated resume/CV.
  • Use temporary agencies!
  • Before you apply for that perfect job, KNOW the organization and library inside and out; talk to colleagues.
  • Network, network, network!
  • During the interview, do your own interview of the person and organization!
  • Consider jobs in related organizations, e.g., library vendors, museums, not for profits, etc.  LIS skills have many applications.
  • Take advantage of CE opportunities in the field you aim for.
  • Consider more education, e.g.,  the SIRLS DigIn program:
  • Offer to volunteer for organizations you know need library services, e.g.,  hospitals and clinics
  • Follow all job posting sites; Leslie likes and SLA’s site
  • Join related groups, e. g., CABL and SLA
  • Follow up interview thank you notes with a request for advice and wisdom.

Much group wisdom was shared among those present as well.

Leslie also updated us to SIRLS’ current status, which excellent.  They are hiring new faculty and seeking a new dean.  She encouraged all to investigate financial aid.  Visit:

Leslie’s email:



2 Responses to “June 25 Meeting with Leslie”

  1. Leslie Kent Kunkel said

    Dear Phoenix Friends of SIRLS:

    I really enjoyed getting together with you on June 25th. Thanks Jacque for hosting! I’d love to come up again to continue our discussion about what’s happening at SIRLS, job hunting, and career development.

    Tom Wilding would like to visit with all of you either July 23rd or July 24th (Thurs or Fri eves). Would either of these dates work for you?

    I’ve summarized the resources we discussed during our meeting, but I’m not sure how to post them as an attachment to this blog. I will, however, send them as an email attachment to the PHX Friends listserv. I’ve no doubt I’ve forgotten something, or perhaps have an error–please let me and the others know!

    Thanks much for your good comments, suggestions, and questions! I hope you will continue our conversation by responding to my notes.



  2. Lisa said

    Hi all,

    I’d love to see Tom again. Thursday is probably a better day, but I will try and fit it in if it is a go.

    Thanks, Leslie for coming to town!


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