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Report of the June CABL meeting at AT Still University

Posted by Editor on June 27, 2009

By April Frost and Cynthia Porter

cabl_logoFriday, June 12, I attended the Central Arizona Biomedical Libraries Group meeting at the AT Still University Learning Resource Center in Mesa—what a fun and educational afternoon!

Our meeting started with lunch, then two, very informative presentations. Dr. Tamara Valovich McLeod, who is on faculty at AT Still, gave a presentation on current research regarding concussions, especially in youth and teens. Meganne Gourley, Athletic Trainer and former student, spoke about educating coaches, parents, and teens/children regarding concussion awareness and symptoms associated with concussions. A lot of information was presented, including references to the CDC’s Traumatic Brain Injury Website and “Heads Up” Concussion information site for High School Sports, both which have quick and easy information that everyone should know.

The business meeting followed, including a slide show of Jacque Doyle’s beautiful photos from MLA in Hawaii.

After the meeting, we were taken on two incredible tours. Samson Yang, a dental student, took us on a tour of the state-of-the-art dental simulation lab and clinic, which included an individual workstation for each student (class size of at least 60). Each workstation includes a video screen for personal viewing of the lecture and demonstration, and a simulated patient with removable teeth, for practicing; I am so glad they practice on fake teeth before touching mine!  The clinic included a functioning dental office, which accepts patients at a reduced rate, as well as a separate area for dental emergencies. The best part of the dental tour was the hand-washing machine—a mini massage for your hands!

The second tour was of a full-body simulation lab and control room. The University has ten of these labs, each with 2 cameras, speakers, a conference area, and…the full-body simulated patient, “SimMan®.” (Imagine walking into a room, with a vinyl “patient” who was breathing (chest moving up and down and breathing sounds) and hooked up to a monitor which was recording his vitals!) The patient’s overall health can be adjusted from the control room so that the medical students may not know what to expect at any given time. (Remember “Stan” on Grey’s Anatomy last fall?) The ‘SimMan’ sessions are recorded and then available for review by only those students and their instructor.

Both tours were very educational and enjoyable (and fun!!).

Next CABL meeting:

Save the date, Monday, Oct. 26th, for the Fall CE from MLGSCA.  The program will enlighten you on Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Librarians, presented by Ysabel Bertolucci.  The time and Phoenix area location have not been finalized, yet.  Watch your e-mail for future details.

More info about the Central Arizona Biomedical Libraries, and how to join is at:


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