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Gathering Opportunities in Phoenix, May-June

Posted by Editor on May 13, 2009

It is truly impossible to find one date that meets everyone’s needs, but why am I surprised???  And what else is new?

Here are some options I can and will offer:

  1. Thursday, May 28, at Maizies on Central  — I am already meeting Tom Fitsimones here; perhaps  some can join us?
  2. Thursday, June 4, I am planning to hear Michael Connolly at the Poisoned Pen at 7:30 pm in Scottsdale; anyone interested? We could get a bite to eat before?
  3. Tuesday or Wed, June 2 or 3, I can meet anyone available in the downtown area or near north central. Or possibly, anywhere you suggest!  One thought is Spaghetti Factory on Central….
  4. We could consider going to a Diamondbacks game.  together..?

The timing for all three is after work, e.g., 5:30-6:30 or thereabouts.

I do apologize for not having an official meeting complete with speaker and hope any one of these three possibilities will work for some of you. I am game to do them all, no matter the size of the group, so please let me know your preferences.  I can use these times to gather ideas for future meetings, and to ascertain whether there is interest in summer activities. Also want to determine whether the blog is of value.

I look forward to hearing from you. I am off to MLA May 14-22 so will most likely have lots to share!

So sorry for my emailed typos!!!


One Response to “Gathering Opportunities in Phoenix, May-June”

  1. jdondoyle said

    Confirming…will be at Maizie’s this afternoon (May 28) around 5 pm…hope to see some folks here! JDD

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