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The Virtual Workplace-new book!

Posted by Editor on May 5, 2009

by Wendy Walters at Richard Florida’s Creative Class

Ironically, the most effective telecommuters and home-based workers are those who are naturally great at connecting with people and intuitive, good communicators. This is one of the messages in Kate Lister and Tom Harnish’s new book, Undress for Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home (John Wiley & Sons, 2009). Introverts tend to be less successful working from home.  Another key message is that slackers need not apply — successful home-based workers tend to be self-starters, highly motivated, and dedicated.

With technology now making it possible to work from virtually anywhere, this book offers some advice on whether you should try to do so, and how.

This book covers all variety of work that can be done away from the conventional office. Besides the option of shifting one’s regular corporate or government job to home, the authors cover other possibilities such as becoming a virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, writer, or virtual nurse or doctor – and detail what’s involved in doing this as an employee or as a freelancer (your own business), including contracts, taxes, self-marketing, and pricing your time.

Although the authors personally have thrived operating their own businesses from home, they are quick to point out the pitfalls, drawing on others’ experiences as well. Among the challenges presented:

  • The tendency feel like you should always be working, especially when working flex hours around children’s schedules. Over half of freelancers work more than 48 hours per week, for example.
  • The difficulty in convincing family members and friends that you are really working, and therefore cannot be disturbed at certain times.
  • How difficult it is for freelancers to maintain a steady stream of work and keep up with administrative requirements: most put in one to four hours of non-paid efforts for every billable hour, the authors claim.
  • Self-control if you have tendencies toward over-eating or alcoholism….Read entire post HERE.

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