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Teacher-librarians are needed more than ever…

Posted by Editor on April 21, 2009

from Judith Comfort

Teacher-librarians are needed more than ever.

Open Access has exploded online and captured the imagination of librarians, scholars, and students on a global scale. But how much of this has filtered down to school-age children?

Push open the door of the bricks-and-mortar school library. The place is abuzz with kids packing so many batteries, screens & wires that the security gate screams in protest. Gone are the study carrels as teachers expect collaboration amongst students.

Open room design has made us challenge our most profound practices – what did we say this room was for?


Open sesame to the digital world….

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3 Responses to “Teacher-librarians are needed more than ever…”

  1. April said

    Needed–yes. Being hired–no. Schools locally are using only librarian assistants or teachers, instead of teachers who have their MLS.

  2. Jeff Ross said

    why is your website so insanely pro-librarian? Some of the posts look like propaganda.

    financially, why would a district hire someone to lookup information on the computer when the kids themselves know how to do this a hundred times better and faster. my students know how to use google and how to distinguish between good wiki and shady wiki, is this really necessary?

    just sayin…

    • jdondoyle said

      In spite of your rudeness, you make an interesting point. Most kids (and adults) THINK they are getting what they need using Google, etc., but we know they are not, as do many of their teachers! Please check out the movers and shakers articles for stories of librarians doing incredibly innovative things, as do many of our own students and graduates.

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