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Not-really-news: College grads face worst job market in years…

Posted by Editor on April 7, 2009

aleqm5izchxdwpm1ilc9vp7xdb4dlqrt_g1By JUSTIN POPE in Google News…

…For many college students in the class of 2009, the post-graduation job hunt has turned into a quest for a rewarding Plan B — or in many cases Plan C or D…. Now students are being forced to cast a wider net. Considering they will change jobs three times on average within five years of graduation, they may someday be grateful they developed good job-search skills now.

“In a sense it’s like, ‘Welcome to the real world,’ and it’s not a bad thing,” said Elizabeth Alexander, who works in career services at the University of Texas. “If you come out of college thinking, ‘I’m entitled to a great job,’ the first time you get laid off, it’s going to come as a great shock. Life is full of peaks and troughs.”… Read entire post at


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