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Sewell Learning Partnerships for Librarians Offered

Posted by Editor on February 6, 2009

The Grace and Harold Sewell Memorial Fund plans to fund two, paid, 12-month, Learning Partnerships placing experienced librarians/informationists within leading health care and/or research organizations for the purpose of both partners gaining a greater understanding of how best information sciences can be effectively applied in each environment.

We are currently soliciting applications for librarians/informationists for our 2009/2010 Learning Partnerships. Host organizations will present a learning environment, a series of activities, and access to organizational leaders which will allow the librarian/informationist to more fully understand the nature of the organization’s work, its decision-making processes, the clients served and the health care issues addressed. The librarian/informationist will participate in team settings designed to utilize their skills and knowledge in non-traditional ways. Immersion is the goal and expanded knowledge the anticipated result for both partners.    To read about past Learning Partnerships, click here.

Visit : to learn more.


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