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The Future of the Internet III (via Roy Tennant’s Digital Libraries column…)

Posted by Editor on December 16, 2008

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released their third “canvassing of Internet specialists and analysts,” “The Future of the Internet III.” They are quick to point out, however, that this is not a representative survey, as respondents could choose to respond or not.

Of the results to various scenarios put forward by the Pew researchers, only one seemed to have any significant weight of opinion. In responding to the scenario “The mobile phone is the primary connection tool for most people in the world,” 81% of the total respondents (which included “stakeholders” in addition to “experts”) agreed.

For other scenarios such as “Social tolerance has advanced significantly due in great part to the Internet,” and “Content control through copyright-protection technology dominates,” there was much less agreement.

What I found more interesting than the results themselves, however, were the comments….see entire piece HERE.


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