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The role of the medical librarian in the basic biological sciences: a case study in virology and evolution

Posted by Editor on December 4, 2008

From the Journal of the Medical Library Association, v. 96(4), 2008.

This current installment of the case study column concerns the role of the medical librarian in basic biological research. In the modern life sciences, the boundaries between the health professions and general biology are becoming increasingly blurred, as both disciplines rely to a greater extent on interdisciplinary, integrative, and comparative approaches for the resolution of major questions (Figure 1). Correspondingly, the university medical or health center library is rapidly becoming a primary resource for both basic and applied scientists from across virtually all fields of modern biology (e.g., from molecular and cellular biology to physiology to ecology and evolution). In response, the importance of the medical librarian as an information specialist continues to grow at these institutions. This case study documents this expanding role of the medical librarian by focusing on a basic research question that originated from a recent publication on viral evolution.  See entire article HERE.


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