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From the CHE: For Advice on Publishing in the Digital World, Scholars Turn to Campus Libraries…

Posted by Editor on November 19, 2008

“Rapidly changing” is the term most often used these days to describe the landscape of scholarly communication. Scholars have to clear new and higher hurdles as they bump up against copyright and fair-use issues, open-access mandates, and a baffling array of publication and dissemination models.

How much of his own published work can a scholar post on a personal Web site without raising his publisher’s ire? How much of someone else’s work can he use in his course pack without trampling on fair use and risking a fine or legal action? How does a researcher upload her work to her institution’s repository, and are there consequences if she opts out? Those are just some of the questions that professors may find themselves tripping over.

Where can researchers find a guide to lead them through this 21st-century obstacle course?

The library, of course…

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