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Great Networking at Thursday’s Job & Internship Fair!

Posted by Editor on October 24, 2008

I am sorry more Phoenix SIRLS students did not take advantage of the “fair” last night at the Carnegie Center. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with librarians working in a great variety of settings:  public (Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, and more), academic (ASU, UA, Grand Canyon and Maricopa community colleges), special (art, archives, genealogy, history, and more).  I enjoyed meeting Karen Bell for the first time!  And I loved meeting some SIRLS students I had not met and seeing others who come to our Friends Gatherings.

Being there gave me many good ideas and contacts for planning future meetings.  For example, the librarians at the Phoenix Art Museam and the Archives are happy to host meetings and provide a speaker!  Also talked to Scottsdale PL and Glendale PL who are interested!  I will  be contacting these folks to set up time with them!

Please remember to take  advantage of any opportunity to meet librarians and mingle. One never knows when that mingling will pay off!! Thanks, Karen, and Richard of the State Library or organizing the event!


One Response to “Great Networking at Thursday’s Job & Internship Fair!”

  1. April Frost said

    I graduated last year, and would have come to the Job Fair, but I did not find out about it in time.

    I definitely endorse the quote that “One never knows when that mingling will pay off!!” and am very sorry I missed the opportunity.

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