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Salo: libraries have a lot of market power that we are not using properly…

Posted by Editor on October 6, 2008

Interview with Dorothea Salo John Dupuis, Interview with Dorothea Salo of Caveat Lector, Confessions of a Science Librarian, October 5, 2008.  Excerpt:

...Dorothea Salo [is the] Digital Repository Librarian at University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of the blog Caveat Lector. Dorothea is well known for her role in the institutional repository and scholarly communications communities; she’s the author of the widely read eprint on IRs “Innkeeper at the Roach Motel,” forthcoming in the Fall 2008 Library Trends….

Q1. …[W]hat do you think about “libraries’ feasible and proper roles in scholarly communication?”

I think a lot of things. I think the institutional repository was a noble and worthwhile experiment, but as a tool for redressing the imbalances in the scholarly-communication system, it is a failure. It may be reborn if the Harvard experiment succeeds, but that very much remains to be seen. This doesn’t mean that I think IRs are useless; they don’t have to be, though they often are. It does mean that we’re going to have to go after the serials crisis in other ways.

I think we libraries have a lot of market power that we are not using properly. I’ve heard publishers talk about their industry, and what they invariably say is “we will follow the money.” That means libraries; as individual subscriptions dwindle, WE are the ones with the money. They’ll follow us — but we aren’t leading them toward open access. We’re squealing like stuck pigs about the stalemate, yes, but we’re not reallocating any of our serials funds to support gold open access. I think this is a serious mistake….

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