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Tuesday’s Friends of SIRLS Gathering Report…

Posted by Editor on September 10, 2008

15 members attended our first gathering of the academic year last night a the College of Medicine-Phoenix Library and I was thrilled to welcome and meet you all!  We had several lively and most interesting conversations and concluded the following:

  1. We want to continue meeting on a monthly basis.
  2. Tuesdays are OK, but not the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  3. This location was good for this month’s attendees.
  4. We do want to organize tours of different types of libraries.
  5. We want to organize sharing sessions to discuss the experience of, or “a day in the life of” different types of libraries. We had represented last night: school, academic, non-profit special, prison, and more, and decided it would be good to have informal presentations from each other.
  6. We do want to arrange for outside speakers, e.g. a library HR specialist to discuss hiring and selection policies, as well as how to prepare an intriging resume and  cover letter.
  7. …there is much more and I will share it once I have had a chance to study your survey responses.

Thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and attendence.  See you next month, perhaps October 21?! Check and mark your calendars and let me know!

Best, Jacque D.

Attendees:  Alex Roland, Monica Johnson, Betty Murphy, Ed Van Winkle, Noah Richman, Judy Shappee, Olga Casarez, Rosemarie Downing, Lisa Hintze, Toni Janas, Kathi Knox, Bonnie Braun, Rebecca Wilson, Candice Bairn, Camille Easterday


3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Friends of SIRLS Gathering Report…”

  1. Alexis Soard said

    Would it ever be possible to have meetings on the weekends? I was really disappointed that I couldn’t attend on Tuesday (I really wanted to come) but I just wasn’t able to get there. This semester, I’m finding that it’s a lot more difficult for me to get away during the week where I have more available time on the weekends.

  2. Linda said

    The weekend is an interesting idea. I also wish to attend but during the week it seems next to impossible. Maybe the library tours could be scheduled on Saturdays with the SIRLS meeting after to discuss what was observed.

  3. Tamara R said

    I’m the one who can’t come on the second Tuesday–it conflicts with another meeting I have for my volunteer library. Thanks, Lisa, for mentioning this at the meeting. October 21st would work for me, but a weekend date might also be possible for me, to accomodate Alexis. Thanks! And, I love the blog!

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