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Impact of Open Access Publishing of Society Journals…

Posted by Editor on September 10, 2008

Something to think about from the Publishing Archeology site: 

What if the Society for American Archaeology were to make its journals Open Access?


What would be the positive and negative impacts if the SAA were to transform its scholarly journals (American Antiquity, “AA;” and Latin American Antiquity, “LAA”) from Toll Access to Open Access (“OA”)? This entry is a thought experiment whose purpose is to stimulate thinking about OA issues. I’m sure there are relevant factors that I am unaware of or can’t think of right now.

Positive Impacts

  1. Improved quality of articles and book reviews.
  2. Vastly increased access to the journal.
  3. Faster publication of articles and the reduction of backlogs.
  4. Journal web sites.
  5. An opportunity for journal reorganization….

Negative Impacts

  1. Loss of subscription revenue.
  2. Potential death of the printed versions of the journals….

The entire posting is at:



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