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From Forbes: Job Hunting In A Downturn

Posted by Editor on August 26, 2008

1. Network, network, network

We can’t say this enough. People get jobs through those that they know. Soon-to-be grads should be in touch with relatives, their parents’ friends and their friends’ parents. Tell them what you’re looking for, and ask if they have advice. The first person you ask won’t likely be able to hand you a great job, but he or she might know someone who knows someone–you get the point…

2. Interact offline

One of the strongest concerns among college career counselors is that this year’s graduating class is so accustomed to social networking online that they don’t know how to interact on the phone or face to face. Those computer skills might come in handy once you’re employed, but until then, engage in human interaction.

For the complete article, visit:  For the Tips for Navigating the Downturn in Pictures, visit:


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