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What is Prison Librarianship, anyway? See info below…

Posted by Editor on August 18, 2008


  • A gateway to that branch of Special Librarianship dealing with library services to the incarcerated in the United States and Canada. International librarianship links (IFLA, LA/PLG, etc.) with similar focus will “globalize” this site. Correctional librarianship in the USA would be dull without its unique – “access to the court” – service provision requirements.  See: 
  • How to be a Successful Prison Librarian Interface Volume # 25, Fall, 2003. Interface is the quarterly newsletter published by the ASCLA division of ALA. Three prison librarians presented tips for being a successful prison librarian, during the “How to Be a Prison Librarian: Preparation for a Foreign Land” program sponsored by the Library Services to Prisoners Forum at the ALA conference in Toronto.   See: Recruiting for Prison Libraries
  • Recent literature on library recruitment places great emphasis on the fact that within six to ten years over 60 percent of librarians will retire from the profession and that there will not be sufficient qualified librarians to fill the vacant positions.  This portends even greater problems for recruiting to prison librarianship where historically we have experienced difficulty in attracting qualified candidates to work in our institutions. While to my knowledge no survey exists that indicates the reason there is difficulty in recruiting for prison librarianship, the questions I am often asked is indicative of some of the issues.   See:

One Response to “What is Prison Librarianship, anyway? See info below…”

  1. Emily said

    Thanks for pointing to WebJunction’s Correctional and Institutional Resources. We’ve recently launched a new version of our site, with more robust capabilities for members to submit and share resources, participate in discussions, sign up and participate in webinars, present a webinar, etc. I hope to see you and any of your readers there!

    Emily Inlow-Hood
    Communications Manager @ WebJunction

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