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Posted by Editor on July 22, 2008

Okay, I have some direction and ideas. What I am concluding you would like is:

  1. Email communication, but not TOO often, and including links to the blog.
  2. Meetings held not too early in the evening, but early enough to not make it a long night and drive home, say, 6:30 or so.
  3. Occasional meetings over a meal or snacks
  4. Meetings held at rotating locations around the valley and/or in central or downtown Phoenix.
  5. Informal presentations and facilitated networking sessions.
  6. Desired topics are wide-spread but to include choosing a library setting and developing a career path.

I will work to set up some gatherings. It appears that days and times should vary as well, as it will be impossible to get everyone what is good for everyone all the time!

So, please don’t wait for me to survey you again. If you:

  1. would like to speak on a topic that interests you,
  2. would like to facilitate a discussion on such a topic
  3. have a guest you would like to bring or suggest, or
  4. have a specific discussion topic or speaker to suggest…

Call or email me when the spirit moves you! I am at 602-827-2031 and email:


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