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Information People Are Library Associates Business

Posted by Editor on July 16, 2008

Library Associate Companies, founded in 1986 in Los Angeles, provides consulting and staffing services in 50 locations across the US. They are ranked as a top temporary agency…

Recruiting: we place qualified candidates into organizations ranging from libraries to software vendors to new technology companies. We are not limited to jobs in libraries, as we actively work with our clients to place information professionals in areas such as competitive intelligence, primary research, journalism, records and knowledge management positions.

Consulting: we help companies solve problems and manage projects, from data analysis to strategic planning, from contract evaluation to marketing and promotion.

Projects: we expertly and efficiently manage information projects, working at the client site, or offer innovative but realistic solutions for off-site or virtual project management and staff.

From libraries to digital asset management, we bring the experience, knowledge and expertise to manage operations and staff experts in both the private sector and government agencies. (Click here for our Corporate Capabilities Statement.)

We recruit and employ management and information professionals to work on challenging and exciting projects and assignments involving information – libraries, archives, research, procurement and negotiation of electronic products and technologies, competitive intelligence and content management…



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