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What shall we talk about?

Posted by Editor on July 10, 2008

Here are some topics for future posts and/or meetings. Please let me know where your needs and interests lie:

  1. finding your passion
  2. finding the job
  3. understanding what types of work is “out there”
  4. understanding types of libraries
  5. knowing library people in arizona
  6. preparing a resume/cv
  7. preparing for an interview
  8. Other??? please share!

5 Responses to “What shall we talk about?”

  1. Alexis said

    I’m really interested in learning about librarian’s positions outside of the public/academic library.

  2. jdondoyle said

    THanks, Alexis!

  3. Ed Van Winkle said

    Are there any other prison / jail librarians out there? If so I’d really like to talk to you and get an idea of your environment and maybe get a tour of your library.

    If anyone is in the Phoenix area and would like a tour of my library please give me a call at 602.876.5638.

    Ed Van Winkle

  4. Ed Van Winkle said

    Does anyone have any experience starting a volunteer organization? I am thinking of starting a volunteer organization for my library and could use some ideas.


  5. Tom Fitsimones said

    As a relatively recent SIRLS graduate I would like to urge everyone to take Corporate Library Management with James Matarazzo. Jim usually does a class for summer and winter sessions. We did phone interviews with several types of corporate librarians and toured additional libraries. It was eye opening as to the various opportunities in librarianship. In addition part of the course was about how to promote your library and justify its existence (along with your position). If this course is not offered urge SIRLS to try to make it available.

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